How do you wage war?

Reading the newspaper is really not lifting my mood up these days. I try to follow what is happening in Ukraine (while taking care of my emotional well-being by not reading “too much”).Awareness of this war triggers all sorts of emotions in me: I’m angry at Putin, the Russians, the political Elite in general, and so on.… Continue reading How do you wage war?

Why Do You Meditate?

What comes to mind, when you think about meditation? What do you expect of yourself, when you sit down to meditate? And what do you want to achieve by sitting? Maybe you want to quieten the turmoil in your mind.Maybe you want to calm the rocky waves of your emotions.Maybe you want to retreat from… Continue reading Why Do You Meditate?

What is CoMeditation?

In this video I talk about a meditation technique that I call “CoMeditation”. We human beings are social animals – we’re not made to sit alone in a cave in the Himalayas! Meditation works much better together.Sitting together, being in the presence of each other, can be very beneficial In the practice of CoMeditation we… Continue reading What is CoMeditation?

“Cross That Bridge”

Join me on this song-journey & cross the bridge into the unkown. ——— Out from the shadows and the murky greenShapes rise, they twist and dance like I’ve never seenAnd from across the unknown stream, I hear voices call me on “Cross that bridge, cross that bridge, into the fog alone” It’s true – my heart… Continue reading “Cross That Bridge”

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“The Darkest Of Nights”

Here’s my newest song. Recorded on a Sunday evening, right after a storytelling session, where I played three songs (including this one). — If I knew words that I could say to make you feel loved and safe – I wouldwhisper all night long, then melt them down and pour them into a songAnd sing… Continue reading “The Darkest Of Nights”

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seanspeak w/ Mia Renwall

This time I talked with Mia Renwall who’s a coach, trainer and vocal artist. She gives vocal coaching, intimacy workshops and honest communication groups – check out for her offers. We talked about having a „professional attitude“ as artist/creators and staying inspired and motivated at the same time. We then discussed aspects of the… Continue reading seanspeak w/ Mia Renwall

Spirituality: What and Why?

Why use the term Spirituality and what does it mean? Why do I think it’s important to talk about Spirituality? The distinction between “spirit” and “matter”. Why “spirit” can and never will be measured and the futility of arguing about the existence (or non-existence) of the spirit. Let’s talk about spirit, even if it’s pointless… Continue reading Spirituality: What and Why?