Spirituality: What and Why?

Why use the term Spirituality and what does it mean? Why do I think it’s important to talk about Spirituality? The distinction between “spirit” and “matter”. Why “spirit” can and never will be measured and the futility of arguing about the existence (or non-existence) of the spirit. Let’s talk about spirit, even if it’s pointless… Continue reading Spirituality: What and Why?

Afro of Light

Here’s a song inspired by my friends Michaela and Berni… may the Afro of Light be with you! 😉 O Lord, I didn’t know you hide an Afro of LightUnderneath your stern bald head, white curls shine so brightI see your beating stick and tense to sit up straightBut bamboo bending in your wind shows… Continue reading Afro of Light

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spw/ Christoph Fink

In meiner zweiten Episode von seanspeak w/ friends habe ich mit mit Christoph Fink gesprochen, der Radikale Ehrlichkeit Workshops gibt und als Therapeut aktiv ist. Chris sagt: Nichts ist geiler, als Radikal ehrlich zu sein! Wir haben über viele Spannende Dinge geredet, unter anderem: Perfektionismus (= Vermeidung von Schamgefühlen) Integration von Flow Zuständen Funktionieren vs.… Continue reading spw/ Christoph Fink

Compliment A Stranger

Try out this life-hack (or “practice”) to feel more alive, joyful, and connected: Go up to a stranger and give them a compliment, say something nice. And feel into your body. Notice what resistance you have to doing this. And experience what happens… Maybe the other person will be smiling. Maybe you will feel joy.… Continue reading Compliment A Stranger

Yes, my King

I got inspired to write this song by a talk by Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann. Interestingly the Sufi’s like to talk about “The King” and also “The Friend”… I would say they are two different aspects of the big G. Yes, my King – I heard your order and I will turn, when I’m toldYes, my… Continue reading Yes, my King

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Longing Wood

Here’s a recording of my song “Longing Wood”. I hope you enjoy it! I’m calling this the “creative journal version”, since I could make a recording with better audio quality, but somehow it’s not happening. So I prefer to share my song with you like this, to not sharing at all… I was making myself… Continue reading Longing Wood

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I want to share this song, I’m currently working on, with you.It’s called “Open”. Following quote by Rumi (as told by Omid Safi in his Sufi Heart Podcast) inspired me to write this song: A heart can crack,or it can break open. I like that… to me that tells a story of the inevitability of… Continue reading Open

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Contemplation (music for)

Here’s a new playlist I have created, I call it “Contemplation” or “Remembrance”… it’s full of beautiful instrumental songs that are relaxing but at the same time have enough character, enough grit to kick off your inner journey, to get something rolling inside… Continue reading Contemplation (music for)