Honest Contact

What happens if you stay true to yourself while you make contact?

In this one-day workshop, led by Sean Green and Juli Gabor, you’ll get to explore the two movements of human connection: contact and withdrawal. You’ll get to feel into yourself and play with verbal and bodily language to communicate your needs.

You’ll get to experience and know yourself in new ways through a blend of exercises drawn from Radical Honesty and Contact Improvisation.

You don’t need to have prior experience with these methods to join.

Radical Honesty is the verbal communication basis we’ll use. You’ll get to experiment with authentically expressing your emotions, thereby getting over them and connecting on a deeper level.

Contact Improvisation is the basis for our explorations into physical contact. We’ll play with proximity and distance, touch, the boundaries of our bodies, and receiving and giving weight.

Sunday, 10. July 2022
10:00–19:00 (Arrival from 9:30)
Next Dates: Sunday, 18. September 2022 (signup), Sunday, 13. November 2022 (signup)

Where? Yogastudio Yoga Vital, Kollmayergasse 14, 1120 Wien

Costs? 140€ (120€ early bird price until 10. June 2022)

Questions? Contact Juli (gaborjuli@gmail.com / +43 677 62992933) or Sean (me@seanspeak.net / +43650 2424022).

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to practice saying Yes and No – with and without words.
  • Would like to expand your awareness: better sensing your body sensations and feeling your emotions.
  • Want to explore communication with language and touch.

Some questions we’ll explore:

  • How can I connect with somebody else while staying connected to myself?
  • How can I feel and express my boundaries?
  • How can I communicate more honestly and authentically?

Joining Radical Honesty & Contact Improvisation

I, Sean, love Contact Improvisation and Radical Honesty – two wonderful ways of communication and play. Yet I have found that both are lacking something that the other could add.
While practicing CI I feel deeply connected with my body and the bodies of my fellow dancers. then coming out of a CI Jam can often feel a little strange: somehow the strong connection from just before, seems to get overlaid by our disconnecting use of “everyday language”. Radical Honesty to the rescue!: it’s a wonderful way to create closeness through honest expression of what I am experiencing from moment to moment.
And I like to call Contact Improvisation Radical Honesty with the body. It is a way to explore and play with human touch, closeness, and distance, in the same authentic way, that we do with language in RH.

I, Juli, love Contact Improvisation and have recently discovered Radical Honesty – I immediately got fascinated by it. I have over 20 years of practice in CI, so I feel quite at home and free – I can just dive into it and make the best out of each dance, going for my needs and leaving a dance whenever I feel like it for whatever inner or outer reason.
Over the years I experienced that this is not always easy, especially with less experience or when self-awareness is lacking. In CI we immerse ourselves in touch, movement, and connection – we communicate physically, and we are used to it. But there is a lot that can happen during the practice: thoughts, feelings, triggers, and more. Although we sometimes do make space for reflection and sharing, I think we could do it more and having some tools for how exactly to elaborate, could be very, very useful – if not necessary! And here Radical Honesty comes into the picture: it teaches us how to express these experiences verbally.
I find the connection between CI and RH extremely exciting – it has a great potential for exploring how to connect to oneself and others.

Your Facilitators

The Workshop is led by Sean Green and Juli Gabor.
Sean is a Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate, Meditation Teacher, and Singer-Songwriter.
Juli is a Contact Improvisation teacher, Ilan Lev Method practitioner and has studied Psychomotor-therapy and holistic dance pedagogy.

Sunday, 10. July 2022 (& Sunday, 18. September 2022)
10:00–19:00 (Arrival from 9:30)

Yogastudio Yoga Vital
Kollmayergasse 14, 1120 Wien

140€ (120€ early bird price until 10. June 2022)

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If you have any questions feel free to contact Juli (gaborjuli@gmail.com / +43 677 62992933) or Sean (me@seanspeak.net / +43650 2424022).