Radical Honesty

I love being alive and honest and I want to help to experience the same! This is (partly) what for me Radical Honesty is about.

I’m a Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate. (I’m in the process of becoming a trainer and I am already facilitating meet-ups and co-leading workshops.)

You can learn more about Radical Honesty on radicalhonesty.com.
And here are my Radical Honesty offers:

Weekly Meetups (Vienna)

I host weekly Radical Honesty Meetups in Vienna (most every Thursday at 18:15). If you are interested, contact me.
More info in the FB event: Radical Honesty Meetup (Vienna)

Honest Brunch (Vienna)

I’m hosting the “Honest Brunch (feat. Vienna’s Best Pancakes”).
It’s just getting started… so check it out here: Honest Brunch


I co-lead Radical Honesty workshops with other wonderful trainers.
For example with Sebastian:

Sean & Sebastian

Upcoming workshops

Samma uns Ehrlich

“Samma uns Ehrlich” is the viennese Radical Honesty Trainer conglomerate together with trainer Bernhard Reingruber and trainer candidates Hannah Schrems and Michaela Weichselbaum.

We organise and co-lead Radical Honesty workshops and meet-ups in and around Vienna.

“Samma uns Ehrlich” on Facebook.


Check out these two interviews, that I did with my Radical Honesty Trainer friends Chris Fink and Marvin Schulz:

Sean & Friends

Marvin & Sean
Gudrun & Sean
Hannah & Sean